Why is art important?

Most of my friends and I share a similar love for art. It might not always be the same medium, but it gives us all an excuse to visit different shows, go to the museum of art store, and even have get togethers to talk about projects and life in general.

But I have my few select friends that, for a lack of a better word, dislike art. They do not understand why it is so important for us or for the world in general. Whenever I spend time with these friends, I often find myself asking myself the same questions. Why is art so important? How does it contribute to the world? Artists always have been challenged in proving their role in our society. While I cannot give a general answer as to why art is such a vital part of each individual life, I can give my views on how art has shaped our world.

Art provides a way to digest emotions.

Have you ever looked at a piece of art and felt something? Grief, joy, confusion? When we look at a painting we dissect what resonates with us and form emotions based on those connections.

Art provides an outlet for people to show how they feel and also to give others something to feel.  I find myself painting the most when I am sad or overwhelmed. I get so lost in the process that when I am done I no longer feel those intense emotions. It’s a big reason for why it’s used in many therapy sessions for people of all ages.

Art serves as a way to bring up social issues.

I used to work at an after-school program where most of the kids had a rough upbringing. They were kids that had issues with trust, with opening up to others, and with a lot of anger. When we expanded our art program, I saw the shift in how these kids treated the staff and even treated one another. They were able to create pieces that helped them bring up the issues that they were facing in the community or at home. It became a social movement for them.

I think this works for people of any ages. Art has served as a peaceful way to protest for human rights. I think it’s one of the most effective ways because you can show so much with it. For example, Kendrick Lamar brings up the violence and oppression that the black community still faces through his performances. These performances really portray that violence and grief without actually having to personally experience those things.

Art is fun.

How many of us have paintings of sculptures decorating our spaces because they’re cute or cool? Art does not always have to carry an intense meaning t

o it. It can be about creation and aesthetics. The music you dance to on weekends is art. The funky nightstand you have next to your bed is art. If we really think about it, we are constantly surrounded by some form of art. It’s important because it has shaped a lot of how we enjoy ourselves.

Art is business.

Becausart has shaped what people see as beautiful or trendy, it has become a big factor in any business. Architects are artists that are hired to build things that are nice to look at but are also functional. Lyricists are paid millions to create the next big hit. It is in most businesses that exist today. If we were to take art away from all businesses, our world would be left bland and uninspiring. Products such as furniture would not appeal as much to people. It would change how people look at everything.

world without art would be mundane and robotic. We would not know dance or music. We would not feel excitement to buy new clothes or decorate our homes. Art gives us something to look forward to.


So why is art important to you? Please leave your questions or comments below!

Thank you for reading!


  • Rick

    Art to me is creating. I grew up drawing all the time. It wasn’t a chore. It was fun creating things, experimenting with shapes and planning.

    Art is people’s feelings and expressions, even if it may not be what each of us imagine it should be. The world would be a much darker place without it.

  • Huzefa

    Nice article. Art is a way of expressing many different things, be it, feeling, emotions, social messages, or just a pice of decoration,. Everyone is artistic but just that some gives their excellency..

  • Maja

    very well described art. We are all different and art is for every other person different perception.
    For me, it is the best therapy.
    Thank you for a great post.
    Best regrds.

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