Finding Inspiration – Tips for Artists That Feel Stuck

Art you an artist that feels stuck or unmotivated? We live in a world full of distractions. One minute you are planning out the details for your next big art project, the next minute you have an assignment due or your boss emails you about some deadlines. It is easy to get caught up in the daily routines of life and lose creative inspiration. Fortunately, there are always steps we can take to get back in the groove of things. If time is a constraint, you can start with small changes in your everyday flow.

Integrating art into your routine.

The first step to take to start focusing back on your art is to schedule it into your everyday life. If we are serious about our creative ventures, we have to prioritize them as much as work, school, or our social life. I usually carry a planner everywhere (mostly because I’m forgetful) but also because it helps me visualize everything that I want to do and allows me to give myself a timeline to complete those things. Ultimately, you have to treat you projects as if they were a homework assignment or a work project.


Many artists find that doodling helps them brainstorm and get back on track when it comes to their creativity. When I’m feeling uninspired, I like to doodle anything that comes into my head. It usually helps me shake away the funk and find new ideas. Doodling is also a good technique because it can be done almost anywhere: during your breaks at work, during class, or even on the bus ride home.

Or writing.

If you are not a doodler, carrying a journal around might be a better way of releasing stress and also brainstorming. Journaling is therapeutic because it helps to clear your head. It’s also convenient because you can carry your journal everywhere, write ideas down, or even sketch in it.

Finding a quiet spot.

Concentrating can be hard as it is, but what makes it more difficult is being surrounded by noise and movement. I used to pride myself in being able to work around a bunch of chatty people, until I realized how the quality of my work turned out. If you are trying to work, find a place that you can work in silence to eliminate distractions.

If for some reason there is no way you can find a quiet spot, pop in some headphones and listen to music that is calming. I usually listen to soft instrumentals because lyrics are also distracting.
Music can help your creative juices flow and provide a getaway from all the outside chaos.

Be present in the moment.

Stop what you are doing for five minutes. It is hard to focus on one thing when our brains are being bombarded by a million other things. Put away your phone, laptop, don’t login onto your social media, and relax.

I’m a big believe in meditating before being productive. Meditation does not have to be an everyday, elongated task. Even 5 minutes, 3 times a week can make a difference. You’ll notice that focusing on your environment now can inspire you with new ideas and help you feel prepared to think of new ones.

Surround yourself with creative minds

The phrase “you are who you hang out with” definitely applies to artists. If you are constantly hanging out with people that want to party, are unfocused, or a distraction, you will eventually internalize those habits. If you are hanging out with friends that like art, like discussing art, or collaborating on projects, it will become easier for you to work on your own project or even come up with new ones.

Set a coffee date with friends that are focused on growing and talk to them about your ideas. Ask them questions about how they can stay focused and how they have grown. If anything, use their stories of success and failure for your own drive.

Do not limit yourself to your own medium for ideas.

Whether you are a painter or a dancer, you can still find inspiration from other forms of art. Like previously mentioned, even listening to music can help you with new projects. My best ideas have come from going to different art shows, listening to music, and reading. Art is everywhere, you just have to find the types that inspire you.

These steps have all helped me in some way or another to become more productive and find inspiration. Once you follow these pointers, you will be be able to focus on your art and complete your next project.

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to leave them below. I will get back to you as soon as possible!


  • travel and treatz

    While I am not an artist per say but i’ve been creatively stuck at many times. Writing and blogging doesn’t come quite as natural as i would like. To get out my stuck state i find flamenco type music usually helps that mental block melt away. But that’s just me, that’s my quiet spot.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • admin

      I think we are all artists in some ways or another! I have the same issues when it comes to blogging. Keeping a quiet area definitely helps, but also writing down a bunch of prompts and picking one a day so that I stay on top of it. Thanks for reading and hope that helps!

  • Tabsmark

    Enjoyed the read! I can totally relate as a cake decorator. There are many things to juggle and creativity can be lost in the muddle. The points on “being present in the moment” and “surrounding yourself with creative minds” are good ones for me to keep in mind. I also work with local artists and feel that these points would be very useful to them. I will pass on the website address for them to check out your post. Have a great day!

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